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Save time and money while providing your customers with a virus and bacteria-free alternative to paper menus.

EasyQRMenu is the perfect tool for restaurants, cafes, shops and other business types to provide their customers with an attractive QR menu, digital menu and help them order with a few simple clicks from restaurant menu, cafe menu. Amplify your reach, inspire your audience, cut costs and save time all by using this single tool

Customer Comfort

It is hard to keep the pace during the peak hours when the restaurant is crowded. However, with the help of QR Menu, customers do not need to wait for the menu, they can simply access it via their cell phones.

Hygiene and Health

Hygiene is an important matter. Touching the physical menu that handled by many people can be risky in terms of health. QR Menu can be accessed via customers’ own cell phones.

No Printing Expenses

A QR Code is always the same regardless of the adjustments in the content. There is no need to print different menu every time when little icon or price is changed or updated.

Reduced Workforce

The time loss in the process of menu delivery and return is removed.


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Which Industries Can Use EasyQRMenu?


You are owner of a restaurant? Does it take much time for your client to get a menu, to make a choice and order from it? Not all menu items go with a high-quality image and a detailed description? You feel you are losing orders and you can do better? Quick Orders is the application giving you the best decision! It’s all fast and easy with Easyqrmenu. The client scans the QR code located on the table and the digital menu loads on their phone. Depending on the mode you define, the client can use the application as a service calling system and/or for direct ordering. The waiter receives the order, accepts and uploads it in the POS system.Waiting and errors remain past. The service is faster and more accurate, the restaurant is generating more revenue and the clients are satisfied


It is a smart and convenient way to make guests order room service more. Save them the trouble to search for the menu or to call on the phone. By Easy QR they can easily scan the QR code, to look through the digital menu in a preferred language and to order directly. The order, its details and the number of room ordering are automatically received on the waiter’s mobile device or on the POS system. The guest receives a notification of the accepted order. Easy QR digital menu of full description and dish images is an excellent way to promote your main menu, specialties and traditional cuisine especially to foreigners. Your guests make their choice before even present in the restaurant.

Beach & Swimming Pools

Looking for waiters or standing in a queue at the bar is now past for your clients. It is only necessary to put the QR codes on a sunshade or on the pool lounge. Instead of waiting for a waiter your clients can download, look through your menu and even directly order from it. Easy QR ’s multilingual interface is the accurate decision to foreigners who can easily have the menu and order from it in a preferred language. It also assists the waiters’ service. Once experienced Easy QR , your clients will never hesitate to use it again.

Stadiums & Arena

Clients can order food and beverage themselves through the QR code on their seats. The attending personnel automatically receive each order along with indication of the ordering line and seat. Through Easy QR ordering and delivery of two beers and a snack for seat 28 line 6 takes out 5 to 6 minutes with no need of the fan to go out of their seat, instead of 5 minutes to reach the stand, 15 minutes on the queue and another 5 minutes to finally get to your seat. No more missed goals or beers!


Functionality Digital menu provides your clients the brand new possibility to look through your menu on their mobile phone. Through an easy and intuitive interface, they access your current promotions, special and Happy hour offers with no need to register and login. Item images and description give clients the opportunity to make their choice and to order directly through their phone or to call a waiter.

* Easy QR is free, easy to use, with multilingual interface and does not require registration.

* Clients scan the QR code and already have the current menu with photos and detailed description in their hand.

* The service calling system or direct ordering saves time, increases number of orders and improves serve quality..

After browsing menu and choosing items, the client can add them to the basket, to call a waiter with a single click or to order directly. It saves time, increases number of orders and reduces idle running to tables. The waiter receives an identification of the ordering table. As the order is accepted, the client automatically gets a notification. Thus waiters are provided extra time to focus on the quick and qualified service. No more missed orders, no more delayed services and your clients are satisfied!

* Optimizes the process of serving clients, speeds up ordering and improves serving quality.

* It eliminates order taking errors – clients always receive as ordered.

* Takes the interaction Customer – Waiter to the ultimate level.

You configure Easy QR according your requirements. Personalize the application defining your logo and a background image. Set supported languages, main language, working time. Managing the digital menu is quick and easy – you can create, edit or remove items and set their images with a few clicks. Promotions and special offers are now client-friendly. Every change in the traditional menu is committed to preparation, design and printing which is worth time and money. Through the digital menu it all happens instantly with no additional costs. You can easily check customers’ behavior up through full history of orders made.

* It maximizes revenue and you do not miss orders.

* It is a tool for supplementing as well as controlling the personnel’s.

* Your menu is always up-to-date. Add, remove or edit items only with a few clicks!.

* Your entity assumes an innovative appearance with the latest serving technologies. Clients are satisfied with your personal attitude..

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