Frequently Asked Questions

1Why do we need QR Code Based Menu?
QR code allows the customers to quickly scan and access the menu without waiting for the servers, especially during peak times.
2Are the flyers provided by EasyQRMenu? How would we use them?
QR code stickers/flyers are not provided by EasyQRMenu . However you can download the templates to print and put on the table. 3 Template designs are provided at a moment.
3Do we need any mobile or desktop applications to manage the system?
No mobile application or registration is required.
4Does it have any advantage on the customer side?
- Customers will have more time to pick their intended items from the menu without rushing under the pressure of the menu shortage.- Hygiene is a critical matter in these days. Customers can access the menu via their personal cell phones and computers, avoiding the shared use of the same menu.
5Does it have any advantage on the owner/staff side?
- Since there is no ordering system in EasyQRMenu Yet, the contact between restaurant staff and the customers are maintained. The customer contact is one the critical part of the restaurant culture. Thus, customer satisfaction is achieved without breaking the traditional code.
6How to Create Your EasyQrMenu User in Easy Steps.

Step 1, Register your user.
Create an account providing details of the business.
Step 2: Confirm with email activation.

Creating Menu :

Step 1, Create Language:
In Order to create menu in multi language, creation of language is required in the first step.
Input name and abbreviation for each language e.g For English put abbreviation “en” , for spanish put abbreviation “es”.

Step 2, Create Categories:
Goto to category and create new category. You can provide different name for different language . Input the required fieds including the pictures and click save.(Note : only .PNG and JPEG files are supported)

Step 3 Create Subcategories (Optional):
If the categories of your item has sub categories , you can create subcategories by going to subcategory and click create. Provide all the necessay fields, select the primary category and language .

Step 4 Create Department:
Departments are the units where you want your order to be printed such as bar or kitchen. Suppose you want drinks items to be printed in bar and food items in kitchen. This is obligatory even for simple qrmenu. To create , just go to Department , input name and save.

Step 5.Create Item Modifier(Optional):
Item Modifiers are options if your items have different prices for different taste or sizes such as Big Small etc. First you need to create an Item Modifier Category so that its easier to identify the group of the item modifier such as Size . After you have created the Item modifier category , you can simply add item modifiers and select the Item Modifier category and put price of the item modifier. Eg:
Item Modifier Category : Cocola Can
Item Modifier : 60 ML
Price : 3 Euro.

Step 6 Create Item :
To create an item , simply go to create item button , select the name of the item . Display name is the name that will be printed in the department. Since the system supports multilanguage , you can decide what name will be printed to the department e.g Kitchen during the order. Input the requried field , select the item modifier if any , provide description etc. Select the desired language . Provide the item picture and hit save.

Step 7, Settings :
In this option , you can provide the name of the Restaurant, its basic information as address, facebook id , instagram id , watsapp number of business,logo and currency used by the business eg. Euro or Dollar.Default langauge is the language you want your menu to appear when customer scans the qrcode.
You can select between 3 Templates. Choose one.
Template 2 and 3 requires you to put the header and footer images. Select the images and hit save.



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